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Alex Madrigal

Originally from Santa Ana, Costa Rica, Alex has also spent time living in Nicaragua, Massachusetts and California before arriving to Oahu 4 years ago. After his Father unexpectedly passed away in 2008, he immersed himself into a lifestyle of physical activity as a form of escape. Soon after, he began practicing yoga as a way to stretch and increase mobility which quickly evolved into a yearning to explore not only the physical, but also mental and spiritual aspects of his practice. After completing his teacher training and extensions program, he decided to begin sharing what he learned with the intention of spreading the opportunity for others to experience the benefits of yoga that has helped him through difficult times and inspired him to eventually leave his 9-5 desk job in search of a more purposeful lifestyle.
His personal philosophy on yoga is to enable the ability to find space both on and off the mat, to release a fury of authentic and purposeful energy, and to constantly feel refreshed while cultivating higher levels of body and mind awareness. 
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