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Kilty Inafuku

​​Kilty grew up in Kaneohe, Hawaii but didn't appreciate yoga until she moved to Los Angeles, where she studied for her B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCLA. Kilty found that yoga was a great physical outlet and offered a mental release from the stress of school. But she didn’t understand why. She simply knew that it felt good and that she needed to keep it in her life.

During her time in Los Angeles, she completed her Yoga Alliance 200HR teacher training under Jay Co, purely out of curiosity and wanting to keep yoga in her life. When she returned home to O'ahu after college in 2011, she took on a staff engineering position with a local geotechnical company. She held that role for a year and didn’t love it. So, she quit. She’s very proud of that choice now, but it sure wasn’t an easy decision then. She felt a self-imposed pressure to do what she thought others wanted her to do and what she thought appeared to be “acceptable.” Maybe you know the feeling?

When she started looking for other jobs with her degree, she continued to use the tools of yoga beyond the physical movements—mindfulness and awareness. She started to see the poses as a way to practice using these tools. The engineering job search ended when she realized that she was walking down the path of a yoga educator and found herself continuing to accept teaching opportunities. Since that realization, she’s completed a handful of trainings, including Jason Crandell’s 500HR program, the Yoga Philosophy Course on O'ahu, Navina Thai Yoga’s principal training, and numerous workshops.

​​And, now, here she is as a yoga educator, simply sharing what she’s learned. In her classes, you can expect a physical challenge. Sometimes you will work through that challenge with a playful attitude, and sometimes you will step into a more introspective and meditative space of observation. As a teacher, she encourages and focuses on making mindful choices based on what you need that day because what you do on the mat is simply practice for what you do off the mat.

Come and join her on the mat! Hugs and high fives,