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Lee Ann Kong

I was born and raised in Honolulu. In college I was introduced to rock climbing, and instantly fell in love with the physical endurance, mental focus, and sense of accomplishment that it presented.

After college I settled into a life of retail and fashion design.  Feeling the urge to bring physical activity back into my life, I began searching the internet and found some online classes, but always felt a need for further guidance.

When a friend gifted me a month of free yoga classes I instantly signed up.  Shortly thereafter, I met someone who invited me to her Vinyasa class.  I was irresistibly hooked since then.  It was not only the amazing physical benefits, but the remarkable connection between body, mind and breath that truly spoke to me.

A few years later I deepened my commitment and completed my 200-hr RYT training with Claudia Castor, Adi Shakti Yoga.  When a fellow teacher took me to an aerial yoga class, it was love all over again. In 2018 I earned my AIReal Yoga teacher certification with Carmen Curtis.

The magic of AIReal yoga is that it’s equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students alike.  The hammock allows you to deepen your stretch, refine your alignment, and safely perform inversions, while providing support, stability, and the right amount of challenge.  AIReal Yoga helps to increase strength and flexibility while protecting your joints.  Defy gravity, move freely, and release fear with this innovative and fun form of yoga.  Come fly with me on Saturday mornings at 11:30.