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Practicing yoga for 43 years, Dorian is the owner of Power Yoga Hawaii and one of the most experienced yoga instructors on Oahu.  He has traveled to India three times and is starting to understand in meditation when desires or restless thoughts enter his mind, it is Maya trying to distract him from the supreme.  His favorite pose is Mayurasana because it cleanses the gut like the peacock destroying the poisonous snake.



Several years ago, a car accident caused a downward trajectory in Joji's life.  His doctor recommended he stand on his head for 30-60 seconds everyday to heal himself through selfcare.  Thus, his yoga journey began.  Joji never thought he would evolve in his practice to find the stillness inside of himself or to share his practice with others.  Teaching yoga is very rewarding to him now, as he gets to see the potential growth in students to challenge, empower, and be themselves in class, which can have a mirror effect to reflect their individual practice off the mat and thrive in all aspects of life.  His accident has blessed him with the silver lining of being inspired to give back his experiences and the knowledge he has gained through his yogic path.  Joji's favorite yoga poses are arm balances and inversions.



Natasha discovered her passion for yoga in 2018, instantly drawn to its profound impact on emotional and mental wellbeing. Yoga, for her, is a beautiful synthesis of physical practice and mental health advocacy. Emphasizing the breath as the foundation of her classes, Natasha believes it is the key to self-control and self-mastery. Her favorite pose, supported fish pose (matsyasana), holds a special place in her heart for its ability to release tension in the heart and throat chakras. In Natasha's Yin yoga classes, the goal is simple yet powerful: to create an emotionally safe environment for her students to anchor their awareness in the present moment through their breath, thereby naturally embodying a conscious connection to the body, mind, and emotions.



Leanna has been in the fitness industry since 2019 and received her 200-hr RYT in 2021 with Hawaii School of Yoga, under Zeny Ogrisseg. She focuses on alignment and proportion in her classes. Her aim is not for students to learn how to perform asanas perfectly, but rather, to learn more about oneself through the asanas.



Sammi was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and returned home after graduating from college in Pennsylvania in 2015.  She found her passion for yoga and began developing her practice in 2016, and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017.  Sammi is a practicing and licensed attorney in the State of Hawaii since 2020, and has continued to teach yoga throughout her legal education and career. 
Sammi’s classes combine creative sequencing with the spirit of playfulness to create heat, build strength, and help deepen your practice. With over five years of yoga teaching experience, Sammi is dedicated to creating a safe, accepting and lively space for students of all backgrounds and levels, that allows for personal growth, body and breath awareness, and self connection.



Robin Shepard is a yoga teacher, writer, and world traveler. She makes her home in Honolulu after 14 years living aboard in China and Vietnam.  A life long learner, she has honed her floor-based teaching style with a strong emphasis on functional movement, natural breath mechanics, and sensation/perception.  She received her foundational training in Hatha yoga for wellness and her advanced training in, among other things, the FluidUs method of integrative yoga and movement.  Robin received her aerial training with world-renowned artist and AIReal Yoga founder Carmen Curtis. She fuses AIReal Yoga's focus on safety and innovation with her own floor-based yoga discoveries.  Robin enjoys making aerial yoga fun and accessible for people of all experience levels, especially those completely new to the practice.  In addition to AIReal Yoga, Robin is a certified E-RYT200/RYT500, Children's Yoga Teacher, and Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance. 



Geo's yoga journey started back in 2015 when he graduated college.  He had an elective class that he needed to take in order to graduate and chose yoga.  In 2016, he received his certification on Oahu then started promoting himself and traveling the world as an international yoga teacher.  He took the opportunity to teach around the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Spain, and Morocco.  Geo eventually wants to open up a retreat center - a holistic center that brings people from all over the world to teach their practices and learn from one another.  His favorite pose is Shavasana because it's the most difficult pose for some and challenges people to really close their minds and silence their inner thoughts.  "It's a moment when we can truly observe what is going on within us and take couple of minutes to self-reflect."



Andrew's goal as a teacher is to show up as a welcoming presence guiding students of all levels through their yoga practice.  He found, and continues to find, access to self-love and liberation in his time on his mat and wishes to offer those same opportunities to any and all.  Andrew strives to meet you where you are and how you show up, encouraging you to explore your space on your mat.  It is with deep gratitude and humility that Andrew revels at the opportunity to welcome anybody and any body to begin and sustain their yoga practice.  He brings 5 years of intensive study in alignment-based yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy.



Lee-Ann is one of Power Yoga Hawaii's Aerial Yoga instructors.  Her favorite thing to do in Aerial Yoga is planks.  Moving through a plank series strengthens and works the entire body.  It's also great for improving circulation, cardiovascular health, and developing focus.  A year or two into teaching yoga, a friend of hers introduced her to aerial yoga.  One class and she was hooked.  She loved the range of motion and support that the aerial hammock offered and was amazed at the way it could make certain poses easier or harder depending on what you wanted from your practice.  When Carmen Curtis, the founder of Aerial Yoga, came to town and offered her Aerial Yoga teacher training, Lee-Ann immediately signed up.  She's been feeling the love in the air ever since.



Tom teaches a sweat-dripping Flex & Flow class at Power Yoga Hawaii.  His favorite pose is Uttanasana because he loves the way it stretches his lower back and lower legs.  His yoga journey began 12 years ago because his hips and hamstrings were so tight due to bodybuilding.  Once he felt the benefits of regular practice, he never turned back.



After completing her Yoga Teacher Training at Power Yoga Hawaii in 2013, the opportunity to share and teach at the studio opened with a spot every Saturday morning at 6:30 am.  Being a lifetime student of yoga and sharing with others reminds her of the importance of mindfulness and being present.  She still has moments where she thrives on the endorphin rush since it is a part of who she is, but unlike the "old" her, she balances with yoga.  This is what she incorporates in her Power Vinyasa flows - the duality of moving meditation.  Class begins at an easy pace, cleansing your mind from all the "busy-ness" of the work week and builds your life force breath work.  The pace varies, but she ensures you get a strong core workout and experience various postures that ultimately can help achieve balance.



Paul started his physical practice of yoga in August of 2014.  He then began learning acro yoga in 2015 at Power Yoga Hawaii classes and jams around the island.  He has also attended multiple acro yoga international immersions and workshops through the west coast in order to hone his skills.  Paul went through his teacher training in March of 2018 and started teaching our acro yoga class shortly thereafter.



Yuka was born and raised in Fukushima, Japan.  Her first yoga class was in Hawaiin in 2013.  Since then, Yuka has been practicing many different genres of yoga.  In 2018, she earned her 200RYT with Coco Zhang and completed a teacher training course on Thai Yoga Massage.  She is a licensed Hammock Yoga (Aerial Yoga) instructor and available for private lessons for anyone who is new to their journey and may not be comfortable going to a yoga studio for their first time.  Yuka wants to share her knowledge and experience with people from around the world.



Corey was born in Honolulu and moved San Diego while elementary school age.
His tai chi practice started as a college freshman and has continued throughout
the years. He has learned multiple Yang style empty-hand forms and enjoys
practicing weapon forms such as sword and fan. Corey moved back to his
hometown and joined Power Yoga HI to continue his yoga practice. He is a studio
regular and inversion enthusiast.

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