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how do i start my trial?

1. Click here to open our schedule.

2. Choose a class and click "Book Now"

3. Follow the steps!  You'll use an app called Momence to schedule classes with us.

FYI - your trial starts when you take your first class.  It does NOT start the day you buy the trial.

do you offer beginner classes?

Any new student is able to take any of our classes, while some classes are more physical and challenging than others, we offer modifications for each posture so that everyone may participate in all classes.  If it is your first time, however, we do recommend trying one of following formats first: flow & meditate, yin & restorative, all levels yoga, or aerial yoga.

Text or Call = (808) 698-6414

what formats do you offer?

We offer the most class formats on island which include, power vinyasa, power contra flow, yin & restorative, all levels/beginners yoga, meditation, sound baths, acro yoga, aerial yoga, flow & meditate and even booty work classes.

is the studio heated?

We do not have artificial heat at our studio.  Classes are held at room temperature, which, depending on the time of day and class format, can still get very warm!

is there parking?

We have a parking lot located directly behind the studio off Kona street.  In addition, there is ample parking directly across the street at the Ala Moana shopping center.

how large are the class sizes?

Class sizes depend on the time and day.  We aim to keep our classes between 8-15 students but can hold as many as 25 students.  Some beginner classes may be as intimate as 4 students.  For more specific information regarding class sizes, text the studio at (808) 698-6414.

how many classes can i take on my trial?

Our trial is meant to simulate the membership experience, meaning you can take as many classes as you want. Some students even take multiple classes per day!

can i bring a friend?

Yes!  We would love to include your friends and family in our classes.  To bring a guest, please text the studio for more information at (808) 698-6414 regarding our referral program so you can be rewarded!

how do i cancel a class reservation?

You can perform this action using your Momence app.

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